Guilty Mommy Pleasures: A Little Bit of Romance

With Valentine’s Day coming up next month, I got to thinking about romance. You remember romance, right?  It’s that thing you used to enjoy before you had kids.  (Maybe it’s why you have kids!) Time and energy are at a premium when you have little ones, so romance often disappears for long periods of time […]

Mealtime Tantrums: What the Fork?

Not to long ago, I wrote about how wonderful it was that my son was such a wonderful eater, how he wasn’t picky at all. How quickly things changed. TJ had recently decided that he didn’t want to eat most of the foods we tried to serve him for dinner.  As a matter of fact, […]

Cheap Infant and Toddler Halloween Costumes

I know it seems silly to be thinking about Halloween costumes just after Christmas and New Year’s Day, but I came across this online shop in the midst of my work and didn’t want to forget about it before next Halloween! United Mask and Party has a number of costume for infant and toddler boys […]

New designs added to Cutest Baby Ever shop

I’ve added some new shirt designs to the Cutest Baby Ever shop on CafePress.  In addition to the original “Mom of the Cutest Baby Ever” and “Dad of the Cutest Baby Ever” shirts, you can now buy Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, and Grandpa shirts, as well as a generic “I [heart] the Cutest Baby Ever” shirts. […]

Baby’s first ear infection

My family has just survived TJ’s first ear infection.  On one hand, we were lucky, as his first birthday came and went without having had one beforehand.  On the other hand, his first ear infection was in both ears, making for double the trouble. TJ loves sticking his fingers in his ears, nose, and mouth, […]

Happy 14 months, buddy.

Not the happiest of days, since it ended up with a double ear infection diagnosis for you. But you’ve been growing in leaps and bounds. You’re a whopping 23 pounds now. You walk just great, sometimes with your hands behind your back, which looks really funny. Cracker and dragon have entered your repertoire of commonly […]

At least he’s not a tricky picky eater like me

That’s my boy. This morning, he threw a piece of plain cake donut on the floor and opted instead to eat the Fruity Cheerios on his tray.  He prefers green vegetables to orange vegetables.  He even prefers vegetables to many other foods. I feel so lucky; I’ve been a picky eater since birth.  I wish […]

Rocking my baby who wants to be a big boy

I have to admit: my first reaction to TJ’s screaming over the monitor was annoyance, as I use nap time to try and get some work done. But he wasn’t napping, and the scream level was reaching critical. Work would have to wait. And then I got to do something wonderful; I got to rock […]

TJ’s first birthday party

Yesterday was a crazy day. We planned TJ’s birthday party for 3:00 at Kitty’s. He generally doesn’t nap at that time, Kitty’s got more room than we do, and she also has a crib for him to nap in for when he does decide to nap. That was the thinking. Except that TJ woke up […]

Happy first birthday to my big little boy

One year old. Happy birthday, TJ, even though you don’t understand what that means. It’s a very bittersweet day for me. I’m so proud of everything you’ve done and learned to do. You’re so strong and so smart. But you’re not really a baby anymore. You’re a little boy. You can see if in your […]