2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens

Now that my son is 10 years old, and we’ve had the Santa talk, we’re definitely in the tween years. Most of what he wants this Christmas has to do with Minecraft, but I was still able to score some amazing gifts from brands who contacted me that I know he’s going to love. So […]

Announcing #ABLEscope for People with Disabilities on Periscope

It’s only been a month since I started using Periscope, thanks to the wonderful Amiyrah Martin and her Periscope session at #TypeACon, but I think I know what I’m supposed to do now. I joined the #PeriGirls for the support of wonderful women on Periscope, and they have been wonderful. I joined #LoveTribe to promote […]

Is There a Secret to Opening a New Jar of LEGIT PEANUT BUTTER?

I’ve been buying the “natural” versions peanut butter from Skippy, Jif, etc. for so long to avoid HFCS, but I’d somehow missed that they contained palm oil. (I did know they had added sugar, but this did not overly concern me because we take baby steps at making healthier choices.) So I switched to Smucker’s […]

The Dream Kitchen Suite from Best Buy I Had to Walk Away From (Sponsored)

I wasn’t only liveblogging sessions at the Type-A Parent Conference in Atlanta earlier this month. I also had a chance to interact with the conference sponsors and other brands, and Best Buy allowed us to sign up for a sponsored campaign right then and there. The LG Studio Kitchen Suite at Best Buy was set up […]

What Is MTHFR and Should I Be Worried About It?

About two years ago, I went down the rabbit hole of genetic testing and discovered that I have a genetic mutation known as a homozygous MTHFR A1298C mutation. The homozygous part means that I have two copies of the mutation, one from each parent. MTHFR is the name of the gene itself, although when people say “I […]

Reddit for Bloggers with Christina Gleason, Lizz Porter, and Jacqueline Cromwell #TypeACon 2015

I’m Cindy Watrous, the blogger behind Healing Myself Today, and I’m taking over Christina’s liveblogging duties since she’s speaking on this panel. I apologize in advance if it’s not as thorough as she normally is, but at least she can fill in the blanks before this goes live on her blog. [Note from Christina: Conference […]

So I Had to Call the Cops on a Six Year Old Yesterday #Bullying

If you are a Facebook friend, you watched the saga unfold in real time last night as I ran outside to find out why my son was screaming “It hurts! It hurts!” And I ran across the courtyard to where he’d been playing in front of a neighborhood kid’s house. I saw one boy running away […]

Open Letter to the Guy in 3C on My Southwest Flight

I have chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, neuropathy, Asperger’s Syndrome, and an anxiety disorder. I had to run 10 gates in the Tampa Airport to get from my first plane, which was late because of the Southwest computer failure, to my connecting flight to Albany that was scheduled to depart 15 minutes after my first plane […]

A Conversation with Victoria Taylor, Interview by David Griner

Our closing keynote at the 2015 Type-A Parent Conference is A Conversation with Victoria Taylor, Interview by David Griner. Both of them are wonderful people, and I wish you could experience this in person. So much is lost when you read the words without their personalities shining through! Victoria and David have some rock music for […]

Headline Writing That Will Get You Noticed and Adored with David Griner #TypeACon 2015

David Griner was kind enough to agree to fill in a session slot for a speaker team that had to cancel at the last minute for personal reasons. He’s talking to us about headline writing, which I think I’m pretty good at, but I’m nowhere near as good as he is. This is, um PG-13. […]