Public Relations Spammers: You’re Doing It Wrong

I probably wouldn’t have noticed it in my inbox if I hadn’t read something about it from a friend and fellow blogger on Facebook. But I saw the first line as a preview in my Gmail, and I had to click on it because I knew the same message had been sent to a number […]

Don’t Buy the Latest Hype About Folic Acid and Autism

So there are articles about a study by Johns Hopkins University making the rounds that headlines are purporting suggests that folic acid and vitamin B12 supplementation during pregnancy may cause autism. As someone with a double copy of the MTHFR mutation that screws with the metabolism of synthetic folic acid and B12 – and is also correlated with […]

Gotta Give This Scammer Points for Creativity

Yes, I know this email was an attempt to scam me out of money, but I caught a phrase or two before I deleted it. I’ve gotta give them credit. At least they are getting more creative. I’m going to use bold print to emphasize my favorite passages; comments in italics are my additions. This […]

So It’s International ME/CFS Awareness Day Again…

…and I started my day off on the wrong foot. I am way too aware of my ME/CFS today. Time to nap like a rock star. #typeasummit A photo posted by Christina Gleason (@wellinthishouse) on May 12, 2016 at 12:36pm PDT My alarm was set for 3:30 am – a time of night at which I’ve usually […]

Refusing the NYS Tests in 2016 – Our Latest Refusal Letter

I will readily admit that pretty much all of the text used herein was written by the fine people at NYSAPE and This is our third year in refusing the tests, and I decided to include the text in the “we will opt in when…” graphic I’ve seen going around. Feel free to use […]

Caught Doing Good! Young Women Pay the Bill for Strangers at IHOP

While enjoying lunch with my mom and company at the IHOP in Clifton Park, NY today – March 22, 2016 – we were one of three tables remaining when the pair of older women sitting in the far corner were getting ready to pay their bill and leave. To their surprise and delight, their server […]

Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?

“Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?” was previously published on my Christian Humanism blog that no longer exists. As Christians, we are asked to accept the impossible with blind faith, that Jesus Christ died on the cross, was buried in a tomb, and rose from the dead after three days. A big part of […]

A Closer Look at Genetic Mutations and How They Work – or Don’t

I’ve written before about the genetic testing I did with 23andMe <–my referral link, and especially about my MTHFR mutation, but it’s far more complicated than that. (And MTHFR is pretty complicated!) There are a host of other genetic mutations that make dealing with my DNA far more nuanced than just taking methylfolate and methyl-B12 supplements. […]

The Dangers of Heart Disease for Women with Chronic Illnesses #GoRed

Today is Go Red Day, and I decided to spend today focused on sharing information about the symptoms of heart attacks in women, and the related danger of missing those symptoms because they mimic the daily experience for many women living with chronic illness. The American Heart Association lists the following symptoms of heart attacks […]

‘You Don’t Look Autistic’ is not a Compliment #ActuallyAutistic

“You don’t LOOK Autistic” is not a compliment. If you just found out that I have Asperger’s, you may think that telling me I don’t look autistic is somehow laudable, as if I had a choice in whether or not I was born looking visibly disabled. Or maybe you think that I need to hear […]