How to Become the Best in the World at One Thing – Type-A Con East 2016

We’re here with Bolaji Oyejide, who is walking the room asking us what we do while playing Taylor Swift in the background – music videos on the video screens. If you’re really that different, why aren’t you recognized for what you do? Lots of people have won American Idol, but Carrie Underwood was the show’s biggest […]

The Naked and Fearless Way to Business Success – Type-A Conference East 2016

Missy Ward isn’t talking to us today about affiliate marketing, but about her personal journey in the business world. She tells us that she’s actually an introvert, which I wouldn’t have guessed before, but listening to her now, I can tell. The brain of a parent with a successful child: keep their expectations high maintain […]

Claim Your Expertise – Type-A Con East 2016

Our last thing on the schedule for today is a keynote speech from Deborah Gilboa, MD. Dr. G is an internationally renowned parenting expert, family physician, keynote speaker, author, and mother of four boys. I’m loving that she’s talking to us about claiming our expertise, because I’m in the process of doing just that. If […]

Prepping Your End Game – Type A East 2016

Amy Lupold Bair is here to prepare us for life after blogging. For some people, that’s in the near future, but for the rest, it’s in some mystical point in time…later. What she is: a blogger a business owner a social media craziness survivors What she isn’t: a financial expert a business planner a fortune […]

Negotiate Like a Pro – Type-A East 2016

It’s the opening keynote with Jamie Lieberman and Danielle Liss, who are going to talk to us about contracts and other legal issues that bloggers need to know about, which they can help with at Hashtag Legal and Businessese. They know the ins and outs of the influencer marketing world, and they love what they do. […]

Shareasale Affiliate Intensive – Type-A Parent 2016

Shareasale is sponsoring this intensive session about affiliate marketing with Karen Garcia, Greg Hoffman, and Joe Sousa. They have a combined 45+ years of experience in the field. Monetization Influencers and affiliates have many options when it comes to monetization: sponsored posts product reviews paid placements social media Google Adsense Amazon individual affiliate programs sweepstakes […]

Writing and Editing – Type-A East 2016

I make my living writing and editing, but you can never stop improving your craft, so I’m here at the writing and editing intensive session with Allison McDonald, Susanna Barbee, and Jaime McKee. This is a very free form discussion. Our panelists are having us discuss topics in small groups before asking the questions we’ve […]

3 Big Excuses for Not Producing Video Content – Type-A East 2016

We’re here at the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for the 2016 Type-A Parent Conference East, and the first session I’m attending is a video/livestreaming intensive session – 3 Big Excuses for Not Producing Video Content (and how to  overcome them) – with Valerie Deneen and Daphne F. Leblanc. My reason for […]

Schedule for Liveblogging Type-A Parent East 2016

Every year, I attend the Type-A Parent conference; and every year, I liveblog the sessions I attend for my own later reference. Others have found my notes useful for remembering information they learned but didn’t retain upon re-entry, or for getting a glimpse at what they missed if they were unable to attend the session […]

Fifteenth Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks and 15 Years of Mental Illness

Fifteen years ago, I remember sitting at my computer desk in our old apartment when the phone rang. I have no idea what I was doing at my computer – and the internet wasn’t like it is today. We may have even had dial-up internet service at the time, which means I wasn’t online when my mom […]