Not So Wordless Wednesday – Obama Debate Talking Point Graphics

After watching tonight’s presidential debate, I wanted to offer up a few different graphics you can share on any of your social networks:

Romney's success in business comes from getting rid of American jobs and bankrupting companies to avoid paying pensions.

Romney blames single parent homes for gun violence, says it would decrease if homes had one mom and one dad.

Romney doesn't create jobs. As governor, Massachusetts ranked 47th in job creation. Out of 50 states. His record fails.

Romney supports an amendment that would invalidate my gay friends' marriages.

The Romney/Ryan plan would get rid of the Medicare guarantee that promises the coverage we've paid for.

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  1. Ugh. I’m sorry but… no matter how many times you told me to “ignore for a moment” the worst points of Romney/Ryan… I still couldn’t do it. But, that aside, awesome stuff!

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