My #SoleStory – Cute Vionic Orthopedic Sandals

Vionic offered me the opportunity to review a pair of their Havana Heel Strap Slides for their #SoleStory campaign. I was thrilled, having already enjoyed the Orthaheel slippers they had sent me to review. I’ve never had a really good pair of sandals before. I’ve worn cheap sandals that looked cute but killed my feet, and I’ve lately been wearing a pair of Dr. Scholl’s sandals that were comfortable but not much to look at. But take a look at these:


For the first time ever, I have cute sandals that actually feel good on my feet. And I really had to put these to the test. I wore my Vionic sandals to the pool. I wore my sandals to the movies. I wore my sandals to the cemetery on Memorial Day so I could photograph the “new section” and document each person laid to rest there for an online memorial site.

I wore my sandals to the hospital to visit my dad after he was taken there by ambulance just a few days after his 63rd birthday. I wore my sandals to the hospital the last time he was able to speak, when he was able to tell me that he loved me. I wore my sandals to the hospital the next night when we brought my son to say goodbye to his grandpa, who wasn’t expected to live through the weekend. I don’t think I wore my sandals a few hours later, though, when the nurse called at 3:00 am and said it was time… and we didn’t make it before he passed.

I wore my sandals to his wake last Tuesday. Standing at the funeral home to accept condolences from people for three hours, my legs were tired and sore by the end of it, but I credit my sandals for protecting my feet and my ankles from additional pain. Standing for any length of time has been very difficult for me for a long time now, but orthopedic footwear has been a godsend. I also wore my sandals to Dad’s funeral last Wednesday, and though it may seem like a small thing, I was later complimented for my composure and my confident posture when I read the eulogy I’d written for him. I’d been terrified of falling apart in front of everyone, but I think I made my dad proud.

Thank you, Vionic, for providing me with these sandals for this review. I wish I had a happier story to share about them, but since I don’t, I am grateful that I was spared one type of physical type when I was in so much pain otherwise.

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  1. the ONLY shoes – flats, flat or heeled sandals and 3 different pair of boots with heels –i can wear them ALL day! The only type of shoes I ever wear are Vionics. I wore my very first pair of sandals throughout my coastal Europe trip and walked literally ALL day! last month I wore a different pair of Vionic sandals all thru Chatanooga and Scottsdale! I won’t wear anything else.

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