My First Grown-Up Stationery – A Paper Culture Review

It’s a bit embarrassing to think of how many notes to school I’ve written on printer paper or lined grocery list paper with Disney characters on it. I’d been telling myself I needed to get myself some actual stationery?? for such things, but I never got around to it until I was given the opportunity to review some from Paper Culture as part of a Global Influence campaign.

Stationery from Paper Culture

Paper Culture wanted us to have the full customer experience, so I got to shop for my stationery via their website like any other customer – albeit one with a super nifty promo code at checkout. I had a really hard time choosing a design I liked… there were too many great choices. I ended up narrowing my options by choosing only note cards that featured my favorite color, blue. Even with that, I think I sent my husband five different designs to look at while I was making my choice. I settled on the Studio Series cards.

One of the cool things about Paper Culture is that you can ask for free designer assistance from their professional designers to personalize your order. The original design I chose had a crown as the small graphic in the colored stripe on the front of the cards, as well as tiled on the back. I asked if it would be possible to change the crown to a star. (I have a thing for stars.) Initially, the designer came back and told me that they were unable to change the graphics in the design due to some sort of agreement or other having to do with image rights. I was a little disappointed, but I replied that it would be fine. But a day later, I received a follow-up email so I could approve the new design with the star graphic! That made me very happy. (I like that Tom treats me like a princess, but I didn’t want the crown on my stationery to send the wrong message to other people.)

I was expecting to have to wait the requisite 5 days to receive my order after processing and shipping from California, but I ended up with an email telling me my shipping type had been upgraded. I think that UPS rang my doorbell within an hour of that message, and I had my cards in hand!

The cards are printed on good, sturdy stock – sturdier than playing cards and business cards. Paper Culture uses 130 lb. weight heavy stock paper cut with signature rounded corners, while most leading companies use only 80-110 lb paper. Another awesome thing is that Paper Culture uses only 100% post consumer recycled paper for card and envelope, meaning no new trees are cut down for their products. Paper Culture also plants a tree with every order – over 200,000 trees to date!

I am very pleased with my “big girl” note cards. Not only are they professional quality, but I like knowing that I’m not responsible for killing more trees for them. We kill enough trees in this house with all of the paper products that come through here. With a great product and great customer service, I’d recommend Paper Culture to anyone looking to upgrade from writing on the back of your kids’ old school papers. 😉

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  1. What a great idea. I am still writing school notes on old coffee stained notebook paper. Maybe one of these days I’ll upgrade too.

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