My Fabulous Gigi Hill Handbag Review

Sometimes a product review pitch comes along at just the right time…like kismet. I was contacted by Lisa Florko, an independent stylist for Gigi Hill, about reviewing a bag. I’d had my husband “buy me a purse” I’d picked out for Christmas… but as pretty as it was at first glance, it just wasn’t working for me on a practical level. It was too big, the metal decoration on the front occasionally attacked me, and I came close to killing no fewer than five waitresses and 10 innocent bystanders while wielding this thing. So I jumped at the opportunity Lisa presented me, and I’m so glad I did!

The Rachel by Gigi Hill

The Rachel handbag by Gigi Hill, Fleur de Lis patternI have never before owned a purse that cost more than $100…but I can see now that there is a definite difference in quality. I chose The Rachel with the Fleur de Lis pattern for the exterior and the Bordeaux pattern for the interior. The most important thing my last purse was missing was exterior pockets. I wanted a bag that had pockets for my keys, phone, and sunglasses. This works perfectly – I keep two sets of keys in one pockets, and I keep my phone and sunglasses in the other pocket. The flap that closes the main part of the purse loops through a metal ring and stays put with Velcro, which is very handy. (I’m terrible about leaving my purses open – this has helped me break the habit!)

The interior of the purse is one large compartment. I keep my wallet, my coupon organizer, and any number of assorted things in here on a daily basis. I can also successfully smuggle four bottles of water and a bag of snacks into the movie theater in the bag. And – here’s the best part – the interior is laminated. If anything spills, I can just wipe it up with a damp cloth! Tell me you’ve never had a tube of hand lotion explode in your purse or a Hershey Kiss that decided to go rogue and melt in the bottom of your purse – I bet you can’t. Think of how much less of a headache that would’ve been if you could’ve simply wiped it clean and never worried about it again!

My Gigi Hill Rachel handbag, showing Bordeaux interior

The bag can be worn over your shoulder – as I’ve chosen to wear it for daily use – or as a backpack. I removed the detachable backpack straps before I started transferring the contents of my old purse into it, but I may put those back on when I head out on the blogging conference track this summer.

Get Free Tax & Shipping from Gigi Hill Stylist Lisa Florko

Lisa told me that my readers could take advantage of a really special offer… free tax and shipping on their Gigi Hill orders! Maybe the Rachel bag isn’t for you…it could be too big, or perhaps you prefer a different style. That’s okay! Pick out the Gigi Hill handbag, clutch, wallet, or other accessories of your choice and email Lisa at ldflorko at gmail dot com with the subject line “Special Blog Reader Offer” to place your order. Please take note: you cannot get free tax and shipping if you place your order directly on the Gigi Hill website. You must email Lisa to place your order.

The Rachel handbag by Gigi Hill

Here’s a picture of me holding my bag so you can see how big it is.. But if you want to see my fabulous Gigi Hill bag up close and personally before placing your order, I’ll be carrying it with me at the 2012 Type-A Conference and BlogHer. Come and find me!

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  1. Rudy Coblentz says:

    I love your bag! It can be used in a casual or in a formal wear. That’s a good catch, I like your style.

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