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Checking over my referrer information in my site statistics, I found that a number of people were searching Google for “Cutest Baby Ever T-Shirt.” Happily, the top two results were from my blog here and from the Cutest Baby Ever shop at CafePress.  Unfortunately, the CafePress link went directly to the Mom of the Cutest Baby Ever t-shirt, which is a great shirt, but not necessarily what everyone would be looking for.  (It ranks among the top five best-sellers  for “mom” and “mommy” t-shirts on CafePress!)

Mom of the Cutest Baby Ever T-shirt

Mom of the Cutest Baby Ever t-shirt

If you don’t necessarily want the mom shirt, here are some of the others.  I’ll link to them from here to make them easier to find from Google searches from now one:

Cutest Baby Ever Infant/Toddler T-Shirt

Cutest Baby Ever t-shirt for infants and toddlers

Dad of the Cutest Baby Ever Ringer T

Dad of the Cutest Baby Ever t-shirt

And have you seen the new Cutest Baby Ever greeting cards? They’re blank inside, so you can use them for any occasion!

Blank Cutest Baby Ever Greeting Cards (Pack of 6)

And even though they’ll always be babies to us, I’ve started a new Cutest Kid Ever shop at CafePress – for those of us who are just as proud of our big kids as our babies.

My Kid is the Cutest Kid Ever Fitted T-Shirt

My kid is the Cutest Kid Ever t-shirt

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