Making Life a Little Bit Brighter with GE Reveal Lighting

If you’ve ever been to my house – and not many people have – you’d know that our lighting is pretty terrible. Someone representing GE reveal® light bulbs reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try out some of their new 75W halogen reveal® bulbs, and I couldn’t pass that up. They sent me four reveal® bulbs for review for my lighting makeover. (One of the four bulbs got busted in transit, so I ended up with three that were usable.)

GE Lighting Halogen Reveal 75 Watt Package

Here is some of the information provided for me about what GE reveal® light bulbs do for your home:

  • filtering out dull yellow rays of most bulbs, enhancing the colors and patterns within your home
  • providing crisp white light that brings out colors, making whites appear whiter, reds redder, and allows patterns throughout your home to pop
  • filling rooms with enhanced, vivid surrounding light

Our existing lights cast a decidedly yellow tinge over everything, as you may have noticed in some of the pictures I’ve posted here in the past. This has been exceptionally frustrating to me when I try to take pictures that just don’t look true to life.  I hadn’t really known how yellow everything was with our CFL bulbs, though, until I staged my before and after pictures for this post. I was being hard on myself about the photo quality, afraid they didn’t look different enough when I viewed them on my phone, until I pasted them side by side. See for yourself:

GE Lighting Makeover Before and After

Just looking at the white of the mantle itself shows quite a difference. On the left is the before shot, lit by our old CFL bulbs. On the right is the after shot, lit by the GE reveal® light bulbs. The wooden clock mount looks so much more attractive in the whiter light of the GE reveal® light bulbs, too, as do the decorative bowls. I’ve never liked the brown paint on this accent wall – and never got around to repainting it – but it’s a much less offensive brown when it doesn’t look so yellow.

As it turns out, our living room lamps use 150W bulbs, so despite the crisper, whiter light in these reveal® bulbs that were sent to me, we couldn’t keep the 75W bulbs in them after the photos were taken. We’ll have to try the 100W reveal® bulbs for them instead, when we get around to replacing the old ones. There are other lamps we can use the 75W bulbs in, though – they just aren’t places that would have made for decent comparison photos.

Thanks to GE for sending me these reveal® light bulbs for my own home lighting makeover!

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  1. Kind of remarkable how much light can change things!

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