Join Me (and Ted Rubin) at the Trash Can U Online Blogging Conference

Are all of those blogging conferences something you’ve always wanted to do, but they’re just way out of your price range? You may want to check out Trash Can University. It sounds funny, but the the name came from a group I belong to – Trash Can Bloggers. My blog covers a variety of topics, and you can’t really pigeonhole it into a distinct niche, you see – a trash can blog. But that’s just an aside. Let me tell you more about the conference. I’ll start with the info I received via press release:

Trash Can U Presenter Badge

What is Trash Can U?

Trash Can U is a combination of many ideas put together in a barrel and laid out to fit every blogger’s needs.

What will you find at Trash Can U?

A live online webinar with many topics and numerous sessions covering the basics for a beginner looking to get started blogging to those who are already blogging and ready to move to
the next level.

How Much Does Trash Can U Cost?

Full Conference Pass – $70 Includes

  • All sessions on every topic
  • Access to all Open Replay Sessions
  • Access to all Self-Paced Sessions

Individual Sessions – 2 Hour Sessions $15 & 1 Hour Sessions $10 Includes

  • Attending any 1 Session on any 1 Topic except the Beginning Bloggers Session.
  • Attendees who choose this session can attend the session twice.

Self-Paced Sessions – $12 per session Includes

  • Access to any one session on an ongoing basis for 6 months

That’s Great… But What Sessions Can I Attend with Trash Can U?

(New sessions still being added. I will update as more information becomes available!)

Beginning Blogging

  • Introduction: 2 hours
  • Successful Giveaways: 2 Hours

Intermediate Blogging

  • Photo and Image Editing: 1 Hour
  • Building Brand Relationships: 2 Hours

Paid Content

  • Reviews, Giveaways, Paid Posts & More: 2 Hours
  • Writing Paid Content & Compliance with Google and the FTC: 1 Hour

Build Your Online Presences with Social Media

  • Social Media Tips: 1 Hour

Nothing but SEO & Analytics

  • SEO & Analytics: 2 Hours

Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing Introduction: 2 Hours

Work from Home

  • Work from Home Opportunities – 1.5 hours
  • Managing your Work From Home Business – 1.5 hours

Who Will Be Speaking at Trash Can U?

How Do I Sign Up for Trash Can U?

I’m glad you asked! Head over to the Trash Can U Eventbrite page and purchase your pass. You can sign up for individual sessions or the whole shebang. (The full conference pass is a MUCH better deal, for the record.) P.S. That’s my personal affiliate link. Since I’m a big fancy presenter, I can get a commission for being the one who refers you to the registration page.

But Christina, What Is YOUR Session About?

My session has been titled “Writing Paid Content & Compliance with Google and the FTC.” Well, that’s the official title of the session.

I originally proposed it as “Writing Sponsored Content While Staying Cool with Both Google & the FTC.” I think my version has more panache. (And I like the word panache.)

If you’re monetizing your blog with sponsored content, there are some laws and guidelines you need to know about. Learn the best practices you need to follow to avoid violating federal law and prevent a Google penalty. One is a necessity, the other is just good business!

Why am I speaking about this? Because I cannot believe how many bloggers are so completely clueless about reviews, giveaways, text links, and pretty much anything else you put on your blog that you have been compensated for in some way.

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