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After more than a decade of loving mainly all-male bands, I was introduced to Halestorm a few years ago. I’d never really been the hard rock/heavy metal type, but I connected almost immediately with the band fronted by charismatic Lzzy Hale. Halestorm, which is made up of Lzzy, her brother Arejay Hale, Joe Hottinger, and Josh Smith, has been likened to Evanescence. Both are female-fronted rock bands with male instrumentalists, and both Lzzy Hale and Amy Lee are talented vocalists and songwriters with large ranges.

Halestorm - Mz Hyde

And, as it would happen, Lzzy and Amy have performed live on stage together for one of my favorite songs, “Break In.”

A lot of Halestorm’s music talks to me personally, particularly the ballads, but the rest of it serves me as RAWR GIRL POWER music that I like to belt out while I’m driving. Some of my favorite songs include A Familiar Taste of Poison, Dirty Mind, Dirty Work, American Boys, Break In, Beautiful with You, Rock Star…so many to choose from. And the music inspires me artistically, too.

Halestorm - Familiar Taste of Poison

I’m really excited to see Halestorm live for the first time with the Carnival of Madness tour comes to my area in May. I’ve bought my tickets, but I may reach out to the band’s media contact to see if they work with bloggers for more in-depth coverage.

If I’ve intrigued you, here are some links to support the band by buying their music. (I earn a small commission if you use my links.) Their upcoming album, Into the Wild Life, can be pre-ordered now. If you pre-order, you can download digital tracks before they are officially released in April. The first two tracks are already available!

So if you like Evanescence, you’ll probably like Halestorm. If you’re still not sure, Glee covered one of their songs, a sanitized version of “Here’s to Us.” Here are both videos for your enjoyment – the Glee version and the Halestorm music video. (P.S. Don’t watch the official version with small children in the room. It’s riddled with obscenities.)

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