Using My Christmas Gifts to Build My Business on Periscope

I got some really great gifts for Christmas, including a beautiful blue topaz and sapphire necklace from my husband that I totally wasn’t expecting, but much of what I asked for (on my Amazon wish list) had to do with building my business on Periscope. I’m finally taking to heart all of those lessons I’ve learned from blogging conferences about multiple income streams and using the opportunity I have as an early adopter on Periscope to do something I enjoy doing while also fulfilling a need that isn’t being served better elsewhere. I wrote about #ABLEscope back in November, and I’m going to be getting more geared up to grow the community in the New Year!

Disclosure: All of the Amazon links for the cool stuff I’m getting are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you click on them and buy them. Consider it a tip for having me help you find the gear you want without having to do the tedious job of looking for good but affordable livestreaming gear yourself!

My mother-in-law bought one of the items I had on my wish list, the Arkon Smartphone Car Mount, SM679. Scoping while driving is dangerous, so I will not do that, but hands free scoping at home is a big help especially when I’m doing a Promote Your Scope or other lengthy broadcast. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Arkon Mounts, and this one is big enough for my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. (Thanks to Sprint for letting me review the Note Edge, as the photo and video quality is exponentially better than what I had with my old phone!)

My father-in-law and his wife always send me Amazon gift cards for my birthday and for Christmas, so I’m able to purchase some of my other wish list items with those. Here’s what I picked out:

Live Streaming Video Lighting on a Budget

After asking some of my friends and colleagues in the social media world for their recommendations, I decided to buy the (takes a deep breath to get this all out) 600W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit by LimoStudio LMS103. When I bought it, it was under $50 with free shipping, but prices do change, so no guarantees about whether or not it stays that way. I know practically nothing about photo and video lighting, but I was told that this should suit my needs. This lighting kit contains two umbrella light stands, one tabletop light stand, three light holders, three 600W full spectrum light bulbs, an umbrella carrying case, and a bulb carrying case. Once I figure out how to set everything up, I’ll be rid of the terrible lighting that gives off the yellow glow in my living room. Bonus? It says it comes in easy-to-open packaging, which is a relief after opening toys that TJ got for Christmas.

An Affordable Backdrop Stand That Disassembles Easily for Storage

Once I’d added the lighting kit to my wish list, Amazon had recommended related products by LimoStudio. Since my living room – as well as the rest of my house – does not provide a corner or wall space to mount a spring-loaded curtain rod or something similar for a cheap and easy backdrop, I had to look for a stand. After comparing the LimoStudio stand to other brands, I decided I might as well stick with the LimoStudio Photo Video Studio 10 ft Adjustable Muslin Background Backdrop Support System Stand, AGG1112. I have no prior experience with the brand, having never used any of this equipment before, but as with the lighting kit, the reviews were good, and the price was right. Amazon lists it as their #1 Best Seller in this category. The max height of the stand is 8.5 ft, and the max width is 10 ft. I won’t need to use all the pieces for my purposes, especially as I sit for most of my broadcasts. At the time of my purchase, the backdrop stand was under $40, but again, prices are subject to change. There were a lot of stands that were over $40, but I’m not trying to build a professional studio here…just, um, hide the mess in my house while I’m broadcasting. There. I said it. So this should suit me fine. It’s supposed to break down easily so I can pop it into its carrying bag when I’m not using it.

My First Backdrop

Friends and colleagues use everything from bed sheets to shower curtains to professional studio backdrops, but since I have a gift card, and I’d have to buy separate clips to use a bed sheet anyways, I thought I would buy a muslin backdrop that comes with clips: LimoStudio Studio 5x10ft Black Muslin Backdrop with 5x Backdrop Holder Kit, AGG1337. Again, same brand, so I know the ring clips will fit properly with the stand. At the time of my purchase, this was under $20, and that seems about standard for muslin backdrops. If the price goes up significantly at any point in time, there are many other options available, but you have to pay attention to whether or not you need to buy clips to go with your backdrop. I will likely keep my eyes open for good deals on bed sheets in various colors once I’ve seen how my setup works with the muslin.

I can’t wait until all of my gear arrives! The UPS guy is probably going to glare at me when it arrives.

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