Getting Dolled Up for National Television on a Budget

Since I’ve gotten so many compliments on how I looked on Anderson Live, I thought I’d share my “secrets.” The best part is how little money I actually had to spend, despite the fact that I was quite frumpy just a few days beforehand.

Christina Gleason on Anderson Live

P.S. The camera DOES add 10 pounds or so. My mom and I were joking about how it looks like I have my pregnancy cheeks again. (Despite all the other stuff that came along with pregnancy, I did get that healthy glow and looked fantastic. No matter how bad I felt.) But that’s okay.

  • Haircut – Fantastic Sams ($18 plus tip)
  • Eyebrows – Hair and Body Essentials ($15 plus tip; Thanks, Erica!)
  • Black and White Polka Dot Sheath Dress by Alyx – JCPenney ($20)
  • Cabaret Pink Cardigan by Worthington – JCPenney ($15)
  • Assets by Spanx Undergarment – Target ($36)
  • Nail Polish by Hard as Nails – CVS (under $3)

And they did my hair and makeup once I got to the studio, which makes me want my own stylists to make me look that good every day. (I’m hopeless at fixing myself up.)

But yeah, my undergarment was the most expensive part of the whole deal, and I’ll get plenty of use out of it! I got a per diem allowance because I spent the night in NYC before the show, which essentially paid for my haircut and my eyebrow waxing since I’d brought food and snacks with me for the whole trip.

I do wish you could see the whole dress, which is really fantastic. (Thanks to my sister-in-law, Meghan, who took me shopping and helped me pick it out!) I did find a picture of a model wearing it on the JCPenney website.

Alyx Black and White Sheath Dress

It looks super cute on me, too. I’m going to have to look for excuses to wear it. And despite my griping about my recent weight gain, I’m happy to report that I fit into a size 10. (I’ve lost about 5 pounds since starting on MyFitnessPal two weeks ago. I should be able to fit into the rest of my size 8 wardrobe by summertime. Yay!)

Thank you for all of the compliments both on my appearance and the content of what I said on the show. Although my anxiety levels have been through the roof this past week, my depression has been at the lowest point it’s been in a long time!

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