First Ever Family Fondue Fest

strawberriesWhile sorting through all of my Tupperware in an attempt to clean up the dining room, we came across the Tupperware mini fondue pot. It’s so small that it is heated by a single tea light candle. TJ wanted to know what it was, and as I was explaining it to him, I decided we should use it. Tom and TJ stopped at Price Chopper to pick up some light cream on the way home, as well as some fruits to dip in the chocolate fondue I was going to make. They chose strawberries and a Red Delicious apple.

Tom and I had grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. TJ opted for a jelly sandwich. Once we’d all cleaned our plates, I set up the fondue pot. TJ had never been within reach of a lit candle before, so we had a quick talk about fire safety. He agreed to never touch the lighter or anything else that makes fire. He also agreed not to touch the candle or the fondue pot, because both would be so hot that he would get burned.

Since he did want to help me make the fondue, I broke up the chocolate bars into squares and let him put the squares into the fondue pot. He wanted to help me pour the cream, too, but I didn’t want to end up with the chocolate swimming in a sea of light cream, so I did that part myself. TJ was very good about being patient waiting for the chocolate to melt. (It may have helped that Wow Wow Wubbzy was on.)

Once the chocolate was melted and I stirred in the cream, we got down to business. TJ wanted nothing to do with the strawberries (more for me!) so he started with the apple slices. He and Tom really enjoyed the chocolate covered apples. I tried one, but I decided to stick with the strawberries! Since I used dark chocolate, I realized (too late) that I should have added some sugar or Splenda, but it didn’t bother any of us enough to stop eating it.

Family Fondue Fest was a success! TJ had three slices of apple dipped in chocolate before he decided it was easier just to eat the apple slices plain. Tom and I finished off the chocolate. (Okay, fine. It was mostly me and my strawberries.) Even though I touted it as a special dessert, I’m not going to look at tonight as the three of us gathering to eat chocolate together. No, tonight is the night I got my whole family excited about eating fruit!

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  1. Great work! My husband and I love fondue, but we’ve never tried making it at home. It sounds easy enough. Now we just need a fondue pot. 😉

    Thanks for taking part in Grace’s Kitchen!

  2. Lol.That’s the way to look at it, I suppose. We have a fondue kit, but it takes the special cartridges of fuel, so we haven’t used it yet. I have polished off several of those microwavable melted chocolate bowls, though. Strawberry season can be dangerous, huh? Especially when they sell the chocolate right in the produce area…

  3. What a sweet story. My little one is almost two and I don’t think that we would have had such a neat and lovely fondue memory. There would probably be fondue makings on the ceiling. 🙂 Good job! You’re an inspiration.

  4. We love fondue! I have two bigger post and often do a cheese and broth fondue and then chocolate for dessert. Definitely helps when there is a “fun” factor there!

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