eBooks and Paperbacks: Everyone Can Self-Publish

Georgina Bomer is here to talk to us about self-publishing. She worked in the publishing industry (magazines and books) in the UK. Print-on-demand was introduced in 2004. She has self-published 12 paperbacks and many more eBooks.

eBooks and Paperbacks

Reasons to Self-Publish

  • Authority in your niche
  • Extra income
  • Re-purposing old blog content
  • Ready-made audience
  • Complete editorial control
  • It feels GOOD!

Why People Will Buy Your Books

  • Already a reader
  • Convenience
  • No ads
  • Great for gifts
  • Loyalty


  • Use existing blog content
  • Create cohesive eBook format in Word, Publisher, InDesign
  • Convert it to a PDF, add to your blog store (WooCommerce, eStore, etc.) and sell like any printable
  • 100% profit on sales
  • Can run an affiliate scheme via Gumroad, Ejunkie, or similar site
  • Create eBook bundles at a discount because people love great deals

eBook Formatting

  • No watermarks on photos
  • No Amazon affiliate links
  • Simple designs suitable for home printers
  • Make it user friendly by adding hyperlinks to contents, references, and resources

Kindle Books

  • Easy publishing at zero cost on Amazon
  • Submit via KDP
  • Word document required
  • Cover file required
  • Check formatting online before publishing
  • Live on Amazon within a few hours
  • KDP Select – do NOT enroll if you are also selling eBook format on your website

Kindle Book Formatting

  • No watermarks on photos
  • No Amazon affiliate links
  • No design features
  • Add page breaks
  • No big white spaces
  • Make it user-friendly by adding hyperlinks, etc.
  • Minimal photos


  • Can use the same software as your eBook
  • Print-ready PDF and cover
  • Submit via CreateSpace
  • Proof book online and order physical proof copies
  • CreateSpace will provide minimum selling cost

Paperback Formatting

  • No watermarks on photos
  • No links
  • Trim page size
  • Cover: matte or glossy?
  • Page number must be divisible by 4 (fill up blank space!)
  • Consider left hand and right hand pages
  • Do you need an index?
  • Create a template for the next book!

Self-publishing is a cost-effective way of increasing income that is available to everyone. It shows your readers and other bloggers that you are serious about your writing.

Holding a paperback with your name on it is seriously on awesome. Same thing with searching for yourself on Amazon.

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