Don’t Immerse Yourself in the Horror of Current Events

To anyone who struggles with depression and anxiety like I do:


Turn off the TV!Turn the TV off. Stop reading every little “what we don’t know” article. If there’s actual news because they found the guy, Facebook or Twitter will let you know, and THEN you can read the official news release when someone in charge makes a statement.

I learned after Newtown that I can’t let collective grief control me. I was useless to my family. I want to be present with them, so I can’t drown myself in someone else’s sorrow. Don’t get me wrong. I still care. And I’m still saddened. But I have to draw the line and stop putting myself in someone else’s shoes.

So for now, I pray for the safety of the law enforcement and civilians who are in harm’s way, and for a speedy resolution to this manhunt – whether they take him into custody or have to take him down. Let me know when it’s over, because I’m not following every “new development.”

This post was written as police were conducting a manhunt for the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, but it can be applicable in any horrific situation that draws national attention. Take care of yourselves.

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