Dear Kid Saturdays

I love mommy memes, don’t you? This one works if you’re a mommy, daddy, grandparent, or other caregiver.

Wouldn’t you like to address a short letter to your kid from time to time? Maybe you’d like to file a complaint, or let him know you’re proud of him, or ask her why she’s being so secretive… Post your letter to your kid on your blog every Saturday.

Dear Kid Saturday

You can start it out with whatever term of endearment you wish…

  • Dear Son
  • Dear Daughter
  • Dear [insert name here]
  • Dearest Child of Mine
  • Dear Squirmy Worm

Sign it “Love Mommy/Daddy/Grandma/Aunt Mary” and publish away!

Once you’ve posted it, come back and leave a comment on each week’s post so that other people can read your letter. Don’t forget to add the button to your post or sidebar:

Copy and paste the code below to add to your page: