Check out Iron Chef Moo as she cooks and blogs for the National Kidney Foundation

My friend and former co-worker, Maggie, is not only an excellent cook, but an excellent food journalist as well. For Blogathon 2007, she has decided that her theme will be Iron Chef Moo. Enlisting her family members as sous chefs, Maggie will be up and cooking all day and all night in order to raise money for the National Kidney Foundation. Her very good friend David had his long-awaited kidney transplant just this week, and she dedicates this blog to him and his recovery.

So check it out for the food. Check it out for the fun. Check it out for the good cause. If you like what you see, won’t you consider pledging your donation to the National Kidney Foundation? For a donation of $5, Maggie will add a link to your site for being a sponsor. (You’ll notice the Cutest Baby Ever link there!)

Want to know what you’re in for when you visit Iron Chef Moo? Her first recipes of the day include Chocolate Chai Cheesecake, Bleu Cheese and Leek Quiche, Cherry Wine Sorbet, Smoked Garlic Chicken, Wasabi Tiramisu, Ladyfingers, and Chocolate Crepes with Chocolate Cream. Yum!

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