3 Big Excuses for Not Producing Video Content – Type-A East 2016

We’re here at the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for the 2016 Type-A Parent Conference East, and the first session I’m attending is a video/livestreaming intensive session – 3 Big Excuses for Not Producing Video Content (and how to  overcome them) – with Valerie Deneen and Daphne F. Leblanc. My reason for […]

Schedule for Liveblogging Type-A Parent East 2016

Every year, I attend the Type-A Parent conference; and every year, I liveblog the sessions I attend for my own later reference. Others have found my notes useful for remembering information they learned but didn’t retain upon re-entry, or for getting a glimpse at what they missed if they were unable to attend the session […]

Why Spray and Pray PR Pitches are Full of Fail

As the owner of a lifestyle blog, I receive a high volume of pitches and press releases from PR professionals every day. I must confess that I delete most of them without reading them. But sometimes that little one-sentence preview I can see before opening the message is enough to intrigue me. This time, that […]

Public Relations Spammers: You’re Doing It Wrong

I probably wouldn’t have noticed it in my inbox if I hadn’t read something about it from a friend and fellow blogger on Facebook. But I saw the first line as a preview in my Gmail, and I had to click on it because I knew the same message had been sent to a number […]

Gotta Give This Scammer Points for Creativity

Yes, I know this email was an attempt to scam me out of money, but I caught a phrase or two before I deleted it. I’ve gotta give them credit. At least they are getting more creative. I’m going to use bold print to emphasize my favorite passages; comments in italics are my additions. This […]

Using My Christmas Gifts to Build My Business on Periscope

I got some really great gifts for Christmas, including a beautiful blue topaz and sapphire necklace from my husband that I totally wasn’t expecting, but much of what I asked for (on my Amazon wish list) had to do with building my business on Periscope. I’m finally taking to heart all of those lessons I’ve […]

Announcing #ABLEscope for People with Disabilities on Periscope

It’s only been a month since I started using Periscope, thanks to the wonderful Amiyrah Martin and her Periscope session at #TypeACon, but I think I know what I’m supposed to do now. I joined the #PeriGirls for the support of wonderful women on Periscope, and they have been wonderful. I joined #LoveTribe to promote […]

Reddit for Bloggers with Christina Gleason, Lizz Porter, and Jacqueline Cromwell #TypeACon 2015

I’m Cindy Watrous, the blogger behind Healing Myself Today, and I’m taking over Christina’s liveblogging duties since she’s speaking on this panel. I apologize in advance if it’s not as thorough as she normally is, but at least she can fill in the blanks before this goes live on her blog. [Note from Christina: Conference […]

A Conversation with Victoria Taylor, Interview by David Griner

Our closing keynote at the 2015 Type-A Parent Conference is A Conversation with Victoria Taylor, Interview by David Griner. Both of them are wonderful people, and I wish you could experience this in person. So much is lost when you read the words without their personalities shining through! Victoria and David have some rock music for […]

Pwning Pinterest with Kimber Matherne and Kim Vij #TypeACon 2015

So you think you are pinnable? We’re talking about how to win at Pinterest with Kimber Matherne and Kim Vij. I’ve just been told I look really tired and asked what was wrong, so I think I’m off my game. Let’s try to keep up, because the talking is fast! Growing your influence on Pinterest What […]