Rene Syler’s Lessons Learned in High School

Rene Syler opens her closing keynote by saying to Kelby, “I love Type-A because I love. that. bitch. Can I say that?”   Everything Rene needed to lean in life, she learned in high school. She went to school in Sacramento. She grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood and was one of three black […]

Fighting Through Imposter Syndrome

Don Jackson described his session this way on our conference schedule: Don had asked us for volunteers in the Facebook group. Those who volunteered passed. The rest of us failed. We are imposters. All of us have felt like imposters at some point. We all feel like we’re not “doing enough.” It’s hard not to […]

The Future of Influencer Marketing

Our keynote panel on the future of influencer marketing is being moderated by Jamie Lieberman with panelists Jenny Guy, Jana Seitzer, and Kelby Carr. Tell us about a recent success in the industry. Jana did a brand ambassadorship with a luggage company after having done some sponsored posts for product. Jenny used to work for Venta, […]

Own It: Stop Holding Yourself Back

Jason Falls is our keynote speaker this morning. He can’t start us out with a shot of bacon-infused Maker’s Mark like he does at other speaking engagements. He’s showing us a picture of a t-shirt he’d worn that says “As Seen in Porn,” and his t-shirt today says “Stop Staring at my Boobies.” (It has […]

How to Stay True to Yourself in the Midst of Internet Success

Ryan E. Hamilton starts off with a hymn, a little Tom Petty “Won’t Back Down.” He just got back from Italy and wants us to ponder what we might want to do with a wiffle bat during our short time here in Washington, DC. (He has a photo to go with the comment.) Laughter. “Going […]

eBooks and Paperbacks: Everyone Can Self-Publish

Georgina Bomer is here to talk to us about self-publishing. She worked in the publishing industry (magazines and books) in the UK. Print-on-demand was introduced in 2004. She has self-published 12 paperbacks and many more eBooks. Reasons to Self-Publish Authority in your niche Extra income Re-purposing old blog content Ready-made audience Complete editorial control It […]

The Journey from Blogger to New Media CEO

Bolaji Oyejide grew up in Nigeria but got a scholarship to go to Morehouse College but knew nothing about the school before he got there. (No women! Except when the ladies from Spelman College got to come over.) He wanted to keep the college experience going after graduation. He started ACUalumni as a social network […]

How to Fiercely Guard Your Digital Property Line

The full title of Jamie Lieberman’s session is Get Off My Internet Lawn! How to Fiercely Guard Your Digital Property Line. But since Google doesn’t like long post titles, I couldn’t fit that as my post title. “I’m a lawyer… Don’t leave!” Intellectual Property: Copyrights & Trademarks Intellectual property is one of the things Jamie gets […]

SEO, Monetization, and Live Site Reviews

Adam Riemer apologizes if he rambles in this session because he’s still on Croatian time. We’re going to be going over five sites based on who dropped off their business cards for consideration for review. I’m not going to “out” any of the blogs being reviewed, but I’ll share some of the advice he has […]

Using Pinterest as a Sales Funnel

Social media productivity coach Penney Fox explains that she’s here to teach us how to be more effective with our time online, not to teach us how to make a post or any of that. She’s also a sci-fi nerd, which is cool with me. Pinterest is not a social media site. It’s a visual […]