What Santa is Bringing TJ This Year

Christmas shopping season is almost upon us. Just yesterday, I went through the Target holiday wish book and circled some things that I thought TJ would like – ideas both for Santa and for the grandparents. But tonight, ever so innocently on Twitter, I saw that Family Doctor Mag had a post about holiday gifts […]

Pardon me while I rave about Marcus the balloon artist

Back in August, I wrote about the family-friendly atmosphere at IHOP, and I briefly mentioned Marcus the balloon guy. We don’t go to IHOP every week, but we go often enough that we could be considered regulars. Marcus, the balloon artist, is there every weekend. Not only is he a great balloon artist and a […]

Kid-Friendly Restaurant Reviews: IHOP

One of our new “regular” lunch spots, at least on the weekends, is IHOP. IHOP is relatively new to our town, having replaced our Denny’s not too long ago. I’m sure it’s different everywhere, but we seem to have a much better experience having lunch at IHOP than we do having dinner at IHOP; the […]

Book Review: Wear Clean Underwear by Alexis Martin Neely

In Wear Clean Underwear, Alexis Martin Neely gives helpful advice to parents about wills, trusts, short-term and long-term legal guardianship if the worst should happen. Read More: Wear Clean Underwear Book Review – Alexis Martin Neely’s How-To Legal Planning Guide For Parents Tags: children, family finances, legal planning, parents

Guilty Mommy Pleasures: Juno is a Movie for Moms

My best friend called me up yesterday and asked if I would be interested in going out to dinner and a movie tonight, a girls’ night out. There were four of us, two married moms of toddlers and two single girls. I had to tell her I’d have to wait and see how tired I […]

Tumbling Tykes: How to socialize a toddler and only child

I’ve been taking TJ to a toddler class at Tumbling Tykes for the past few weeks. He loves to play there; it’s like My Gym or Gymboree, but it’s run by one woman and a few assistants. Miss Stacey is beloved by many toddlers. We first got introduced to Tumbling Tykes through a mommy meetup […]

Kid-Friendly Restaurant Reviews: Friendly’s

Friendly’s has been one of my absolute favorite restaurants since high school; it used to be the best hangout spot after school concerts and activities.  There was a fire that closed our local Friendly’s when I was away at college, and I think everyone who went away to college was still talking about it over […]

Kid-Friendly Restaurant Reviews: Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel was one of the restaurants I singled out early on as “kid-friendly.”  I’ve been lucky enough to work from home, so I often have the opportunity to go out to lunch with my parents – and Cracker Barrel is one of our most frequent visits. Kid-Friendly Atmosphere Cracker Barrel has their own wooden high […]

Guilty Mommy Pleasures: The Wheel of Time

My husband Tom and I set aside time to read every night before going to bed. Sometimes it’s an hour, sometimes it’s only 15 minutes. But no matter how long it is, it’s always a good way to wind down after a long day. While magazines may be easier to read because they’re broken down […]