4 Simple Tasks for Your Pre-Spring Cleaning Checklist

Here in upstate New York, we’ve still got snow and freezing temperatures, so spring seems like it’s still going to be a long time coming. Spring cleaning may have to wait for some time – I don’t see our windows opening to let the fresh air in any time soon – but there are things […]

How to Beat the Pandaren Spirit Tamer Quests (World of Warcraft)

I find myself revisiting the Wowhead pages for each of the Pandaren Spirit Tamer dailies…day after day. And then I have to scroll through the comments to find the most viable strategies for my collection of pets, because I don’t have all of the “best” pets for the job yet.  As a general rule, I […]

Equivalents of Modern and Historical Locations for Genealogical Research

It can be very frustrating to research your family tree when you run up against names of places that just don’t seem right. Sometimes it’s because the same town was known by four or five different names over the centuries. Sometimes it’s because a county that used to exist was dissolved and dispersed among neighboring […]

My Right Ovary Has it in for Me

Update: It was not my ovary. It is a gastrointestinal issue that has yet to be properly diagnosed as anything but IBS as of July 2015. But the rest of the narrative remains true to my experience at the time. Monday morning, I was awakened by a stabbing pain in my gut. I tried to […]

MTHFR: My Genetic Mutations, Folic Acid, and Medical Mysteries Possibly Explained

I recently sent away for the 23andMe genetic testing kit (<– that’s my personal referral link) so that I could learn more about my health and my ancestry. I’m still getting results returned to me as they get the reports completed. The ancestry results takes a lot longer than the health results. I learned a lot […]

Karaoke Songs for the Mezzo-Soprano Female

As shy as I am, I do love karaoke. I’ve even posted a few of my homemade karaoke videos. I’m trying to make myself a list of songs to try out when I go to the karaoke bar, so I figured, why not make a post of it? I used to sing first soprano when […]

Arthritis, Dorothy Hamill, and My Much-Complimented Fingerless Gloves

While at the Type-A Parent Conference in 2013, I had an opportunity to meet special guest Dorothy Hamill, Olympic champion figure skater and spokeswoman for the new Get Moving, America community for adults with osteoarthritis. My non-disclosure disclosure: I am not being compensated in any way to blog about this, but I felt so moved […]

15 Attractive Women’s Halloween Costumes That Don’t Show All Your Goodies

As I approach my 35th birthday, I become more and more dismayed at the selection of women’s Halloween costumes that are available. I want to look good, even sexy…but I don’t want a skirt that only just barely covers my butt, and I don’t want anything strapless showing off too much of my chest because, […]

10 Basic Rules for Theme Park Etiquette

We had a marvelous time at Universal Orlando Resort last month, but we had a number of incidents while at the parks where my faith in humanity dropped a little bit. Common courtesy isn’t very common, it seems, and etiquette seems to be a term foreign to a very many people. (I use the term […]

How to Become Best Friends with the Tillers (World of Warcraft)

Here’s a quick guide to the gifts and favorite foods you can use to build your friendships with each member of the Tillers in the Valley of the Four Winds. Gifts can be found by digging up randomly scattered patches of Dark Soil in the Valley – and around other parts of Pandaria – and […]