Eulogy for a Good Man, My Dad

My dad was one of the best men I’ve ever known. It’s hard to find people who are truly good, decent, hard-working, kind-hearted, and humble – but Dad was all of these things. I don’t think there are many people whose faith in God are as strong and as pure as Dad’s was. I don’t […]


My dad will be going into hospice care once he is discharged from the hospital. He has fought a long, hard battle against Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL) – and now he’s ready to stop fighting it. The first time he was diagnosed with cancer, he hardly seemed sick at all. His treatment worked, and his […]

In Honor of My Dad on His Birthday

My dad is 63 years old today. We’re so grateful he’s still here to celebrate this birthday with us, but I wish it could be better for him. (The above picture of my parents was taken at my wedding in 2000. It can’t be removed from the album page to scan in, so I had […]

5 Friendship Lessons for My Son

As TJ gets older, and third grade seems to be quite the year of transition from little kid to big kid, he’s coming to me with more and more problems with friends. It’s not like kindergarten anymore, whether everyone liked playing with everyone else. The kids have developed a sense of self now, and they’re […]

Today Should Have Been My Dad’s Last Chemo Day

If you’ve been following my dad’s mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) saga on my Facebook account, or even if you haven’t, I thought it would be a good idea to toss all of the information in one place that won’t get lost in a sea of memes and quiz results. My dad did not have chemotherapy […]

Poems and Jokes by TJ at Age 8

POEMS BY TJ THE 1 WHO DID THOSE ANGRY MULTIPLICATION FACTS Luck is cool One lucky clover Venn diagrams for math Everyone is cool I LOVE my mommy! Jokes by TJ Why didn’t the super heroes eat turkey? Because it was an EVIL TURKEY! No tag for this post.

The Soundtrack to My Genealogical Research (In My Head)

If you are able to find a line of your family tree that dates back to some form of nobility, you can find a lot of interesting people and their names. Some of these names come attached to modern songs, and those songs can tend to get stuck in my head in the midst of […]

[Video] Angry Multiplication Facts with TJ

Over Christmas vacation, TJ needed to brush up on his multiplication facts before school started back up and they started learning division in math. He had no desire to do this. We had an epic three-hour meltdown discussion on the subject before he finally “agreed” to practice. The result was hilarious. Even TJ agreed after […]

The Scary True Story of How We Almost Lost My Dad to Chemotherapy Complications

I got a call from my mom last Monday afternoon around 2:00. She was at the hospital with my dad, who was going to be admitted to the ICU. I told her I wanted to come visit, but she said to wait until she called back when he was settled into a room. He hadn’t […]

Connecting at the Family Forward Retreat – Just What We Needed

A week ago, our family headed to Orlando, Florida for the Family Forward Retreat. Tom, TJ, and I hadn’t been on a family vacation in a long time, and never one like this before. We needed this. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it. (Our retreat package was deeply […]