13 Foods for Picky Eaters

We’re all picky eaters. Me. Tom. TJ. Speaking for myself, I can honestly say I’m not picky by choice. I’d like to be able to eat all of the healthy things that everyone else seems to enjoy, but my taste buds won’t have any of it. I guess that’s why I’m in the middle of […]

The Best Gingerbread Cookie Recipe in the World

On Sunday, I spent most of the afternoon baking and decorating gingerbread cookies. I can say, quite confidently, that the recipe I use is the best gingerbread cookie recipe in the world. Really. This is not my original recipe. I asked my mom for it after I got married. She got it from a woman […]

Picky Eater Recipes – Baby Food Cake

My son has been on a picky eating kick where he doesn’t want to eat much, unless it’s mashed potatoes, corn, chicken nuggets, cereal, bread, or some form of dessert. I decided that the best way to help him get more of the nutrition he needs is to sneak it into the foods he likes. […]

Mommy, Lose That Baby Belly – Fast Food Edition

Whether you’ve been trying to get rid of that baby belly for three months or three years – or more – it’s very possible to do without completely punishing yourself. Before I got pregnant, I weighed about 145, not quite where I’d wanted to be. At my last prenatal checkup before TJ was born, I […]