Price Chopper House of BBQ Grilling Class with Chef Michael

Most Americans do not know what they are going to have for dinner at 4:00 pm each day. Did you know that? I did. It’s rare in my house that we know what we’re having for dinner ahead of time. I’m here at the Price Chopper House of BBQ Grilling Class event at the Century […]

Healthy Chicken Parmigiana Recipe for Under $10

So Kim from From My Corner of Saratoga asked me if I could create a healthy meal for four for $10. I had a perfect example in my head as soon as I thought about it. Healthy Chicken Parmigiana Recipe Tags: recipes, Food, healthy eating

Price Chopper Holiday Cheer Entertaining Event

Price Chopper invited local bloggers to a holiday entertaining event today – so I’m here at Price Chopper Holiday Cheer Showcase to experience all of the wonderful food they have to offer in the upcoming holiday season. Liz Lisuzzo is introducing many of the important people here, including Jerry Golub, Mona Golub, and Heidi Reale. Jerry […]

Price Chopper Premiere Holiday Baking Class – Liveblogged

The Tech Valley Bloggers team was invited to the Price Chopper Premiere Baking Class at the Century House in Latham, New York. Meeting some “new” bloggers (i.e. we’ve never been introduced) as well – a handful of food bloggers at our table with us. Maureen Murphy from Price Chopper is introducing the event. 1 in […]

An Open Letter to Casual Dining Restaurants

Dear Restaurants, Hi. I’m a mom. You may know me as your Target Demographic, the decision-maker for my family’s mealtimes. I am also a consumer in my own right. I like to eat. You want me to spending my dining dollars at your establishment instead of one of the 10 other restaurants within a half-mile […]

McDonald’s Happy Meals are About to Get Healthier

I would like to open this post by saying I have not been compensated in any way for making this post, nor was I asked to write it. I am a parent whose son enjoys going to McDonald’s primarily because of their PlayPlace, where he gets quite a bit of exercise running around – so […]

How Much Would You Pay for an eBook Cookbook?

I’m getting closer to publishing my Picky Eaters Cookbook, but I’m really sticking on the price point. Price is a tricky thing. If you underprice something, people will assume it’s of no value. But if you overprice it, people won’t be able to afford it. So how much would you pay? It would also be […]

Vote for Me in the Laughing Cow Snack Joy Contest!

So I got an interesting invitation last month… The Laughing Cow asked me if I could create a personality for a flavor of their cheese. They sent me a package containing a small bag of Mini Babybel Light, my assigned flavor, and wanted me to personify the cheese in 120 characters or fewer. It was […]

Stale Baked Goods Trick

You know what I hate? When I buy a half dozen bagels from the Bagel Factory at Price Chopper…and then I forget to slice them and put them into individual plastic baggies so they don’t get stale. Yeah, I did that this week. I went to grab a bagel for lunch yesterday, and it was […]

Interview with Nutritionist Mary Hartley from

I had the opportunity to ask Nutritionist Mary Hartley, RD, MPH – the Director of Nutrition at – some questions about calories and nutrition. Some of my readers helped me come up with questions, and she was kind enough to answer all of them for us! Do you think that restaurants will start adding lower […]