Paid Family Leave?

Hey Moms! (And Dads!) Do you live in New York state? Send a letter to your Assemblyman to tell him or her to pass Paid Family Leave this year. MomsRising has a letter all ready to go. You just have to fill in your information! Tags: family time

Guide to toxic toys now available

As if the recent recalls weren’t bad enough, the latest news is that 35% of more than 1,200 children’s products test contain lead. Some of them are still for sale in stores. Some of them contain high enough levels of lead and other chemicals that they should be recalled. If you would like to see […]

Update: Safe Lead Levels

I got a phone call from Bonnie at the county offices. She’d gotten TJ’s results from his blood draw two days ago, and his lead level is now 2.6! That’s down from the level of 12.3 he had three months ago. The good news is that we can keep doing what we’re doing, because it’s […]

Tell Congress to strengthen the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi couldn’t believe it when Nancy Nord, head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), stated that she doesn’t support legislation to increase resources for her agency to keep our kids safe from toxic toys. How could she not want her agency to do better? Millions of toys have been […]

Stop Toxic Toys! Sign a petition and get real-time alerts.

Christmas is coming, and if you’re like me, you’re a bit wary of what toys to buy for your children. What is safe? “Trusted” companies like Mattel have recalled millions of toys for containing toxic lead paint. I’m a member of MomsRising, and they sent me a link to get real-time notices from the Consumer […]

Check out Iron Chef Moo as she cooks and blogs for the National Kidney Foundation

My friend and former co-worker, Maggie, is not only an excellent cook, but an excellent food journalist as well. For Blogathon 2007, she has decided that her theme will be Iron Chef Moo. Enlisting her family members as sous chefs, Maggie will be up and cooking all day and all night in order to raise […]