I Wear Pink for #AmandasArmy

Everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and everything out there is turning pink. Polyvore is running a site-wide design contest in honor of the occasion, and this was my entry. (Ahoy, there be affiliate links below!)   I Wear Pink for #AmandasArmy by christinagleason featuring a felt derby hat J TOMSON long […]

Prejudice vs Tolerance – Skin Color and Economic Class

It’s no secret that I am a rather liberal Democrat. There’s no question of my place well to the left on the political spectrum. I do consider myself a Christian, though the exact definition of my beliefs is rather hazy. I believe in the teachings and philosophy of Jesus Christ, something I refer to as […]

The #YesAllWomen Story I Forgot I Had to Tell

Warning: This post may be a trigger for anyone who has experienced sexual violence. Also, I would prefer if none of my family members were to read the details of this post, because it would make me uncomfortable knowing that you knew any of this. Thank you for respecting my wishes. I found myself experiencing […]

I Am Not a Fake Geek Girl

What does that even mean, fake geek girl? This term gets thrown around by pimply adolescents and man-boys alike. (Because if you feel the need to put down a woman for not fitting your mental Ramona Flowers fantasy, you are not a grown man.) Just to clarify, no one has called me this to my […]

The Choice to Refuse is News! My Interview about #RefuseTheTests

It started with this tweet: As it turns out, TJ was the ONLY kid at his elementary school to #RefuseTheTests. They let him pick any book from the library to read. — Christina Gleason (@WELLinTHIShouse) April 1, 2014 Well, it started long before that, but this tweet is what put me on the radar of […]

Not Quite #365feministselfie Photo Collage – January and February

I’ve been trying to participate in the #365feministselfie project. I learned about it a little late, and I haven’t been very diligent about the “taking a photo every day” thing, but I counted 28 pictures for January and February, so it’s almost like I did February properly. A lot of these photos aren’t very flattering, […]

Parent Letter to Elementary School Concerning Refusing NYS Assessment Tests

With TJ in the third grade, I’ve become far more interested in educating myself about implementation of the Common Core curriculum and the New York State assessment tests that come along with it. Like many other parents, I’m not happy with the way this has been pushed through. As a staunch liberal on the political […]

Pneumonia Almost Killed Me – A Belated Post for World Pneumonia Day

Yesterday was World Pneumonia Day, a fact that I’d overlooked until it was too late in the day to write the post I’d intended to write. And it’s something I really wanted to do, not just because I’m a Shot@Life Champion – although they did provide me with some facts about pneumonia – but because […]

Cause Blogging and the New Media Activist – #TypeACon 2013

Here we are Cause Blogging and the New Media Activist with moderator Ilina Ewen and speakers: Fadra Nally,Sarah Pinnix, and Chrysula Winnegar. These ladies do a lot of very good things for a lot of very good organizations. You can form partnerships, donate ad space to charitable causes, do community work. There are a million and one causes out there vying for […]

The Importance of Global Vaccinations: An FAQ for the Anti-Vaccine Crowd

When I became a Shot@Life Champion, I did so because I believe it is important to give kids around the world a fighting chance at life. Shot@Life – an initiative of the United Nations – helps provide vaccinations against polio, rotavirus, measles, and pneumonia for children worldwide. So I started sharing information from my Shot@Life […]