Chronic Illness and Self-Medicating, aka Pass the Wine

I confess that I can be very judgmental when it comes to people on government assistance who use drugs, homeless people who beg for money and use it to buy alcohol… but I know I’m a hypocrite when I shake my head and make snarky comments. Being a middle class mom affords me the freedom […]

Asperger’s and the Silent Treatment, aka Trapped in Your Own Head

When I get really upset, I can’t speak. Literally, I can’t speak. I am sure this is immensely frustrating for my husband – God bless him – but I don’t know if I can ever explain just how horrible it is for me, too. It can start with a stupid argument or minor annoyance that […]

Asperger’s and Literalism, aka Why We May Seem Condescending and Pedantic

My mom yelled at me a lot during my teenage years for being condescending and disrespectful. Teenage daughters and their mothers tend to argue a lot, and I recognize now that I definitely ramped up my argumentative nature as it got closer and closer to time for me to go away to college so it […]

Will I Lose My Dignity? Will Someone Care?

When I was in college, I was completely obsessed with the Broadway musical¬†RENT. I’ve seen it three times on Broadway – and the first two times, I made the very risky decision to camp out overnight on 43rd Street for tickets. It was a thing back then. There’s a song in it called “Will I […]

How Do You Get Your Kid to Stop Hitting Himself?

I don’t know if this is an Asperger’s thing or just a boy thing, but recently, TJ has been slapping himself in the face when he thinks he’s done or said something stupid. I’ve asked him not to do it. I’ve told him not to do it. He still does it. He says he knows […]

Does Your School District Do Right By Gifted Students?

The New York Times published an op-ed piece about how too many schools are neglecting gifted students. By and large, I have a feeling this is a big problem in our country. But at the same time, I am also very grateful for the school district we live in. My husband and I both attended […]

When the Fog of Depression Lifts

I’ve been down for a while. I’m not sure how apparently it’s been in the social media world because of how my political anxiety over the election has manifested as being manic about sharing political information – but depression has been tearing at my soul for weeks, if not months. No, definitely months. My only […]

Fire Safety for Kids with Special Needs

October is Fire Safety Month, and there are special challenges associated with kids who have special needs. Most children learn about Stop, Drop, and Roll at an early age – in kindergarten or preschool – but they may not understand what it really means for a few years after that. Kids with special needs have […]

IEP, 504, and Other Three-Character Terms

Some special needs kids are diagnosed at birth, while others develop their challenges when they get older. At some point, though, you’re probably faced with the responsibility of making sure your child gets the education they deserve in the least restrictive environment that accommodates their needs. This is where you start to learn a whole […]

How an Aspie Survives the Blog Conference Circuit

I’m typing up this post in my hotel room on the Friday night of the BlogHer 2012 Conference…not sure when I’m going to publish it, but now at least you know my frame of reference here. My roommate was invited to the Hasbro party, and I was not, so I didn’t have an automatic dinner […]