An Open Letter to My Commenter Who Had a Lot of Anger to Project

I’m not really sure who remembers that I was on Anderson Cooper’s show in March 2013 for a segment about moms who take anxiety medication. There was a clear bias in the way the subject was handled, but I wrote a companion piece to further explore what I talked about on the show, a post […]

A Bubble in Space Just for My Kid and Me

I’m hesitant to write about this because of the sensitivity of the subject, but that also feels like a very good reason to do it anyways. One of the most heartbreaking things you can experience as a parent is hearing your child say he wants to die.  The school psychologist called me at home a […]

I’m #ActuallyAutistic – Why We Hijacked the #AutismSpeaks10 Hashtag

Here’s the thing about the “autism advocacy” organization known as Autism Speaks – it doesn’t advocate for people with autism. In fact, if it’s said to advocate for anyone, it would be for overwrought parents of autistic children. In fact, they’ve promoted a video sympathizing with a mother who says – with her autistic daughter […]

Asperger’s and Scripted Language, aka Bless Me When I Sneeze!

Social expectations don’t usually come naturally when you have Asperger’s. But Aspies like me also tend to live in a world guided by rules, both self-imposed and otherwise. One of the first things most children are taught is how to be polite to others, like saying please, thank you, and you’re welcome. You say excuse me […]

My First Mammogram: Lumpy and Bumpy

There’s a lump in my breast. There’s a lump. in. my. breast. This is a thought that has been plaguing my mind for the last few weeks. I wanted to schedule my appointment to see my GYN as soon as I got back from the Type-A Parent Conference in Atlanta, but circumstances conspired to keep […]

Anger is Anxiety is Anger is Depression

You find yourself shaking. Physically shaking. What’s going to happen? What are the consequences? Should you say something? Maybe you should rehearse that conversation in your head a few more times. Prepare for every possible response you can think of. Know how you’re going to handle every possibility. It’s nerve-wracking. You can’t screw this up. […]

The Joys of Having a Small Bowel Follow Through

This morning, I woke up much earlier than usual so that I would be ready when my mom arrived at 7:30 am to drive me to an appointment down at Albany Memorial Hospital. The name of the wonderful procedure I had done is a small bowel follow through to check out my terminal ileum. The quick […]

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – The Symptoms That Fit ME Even Better

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a loaded term, made up of waffle words that don’t adequately describe the enormity of the illness. For this ME/CFS Awareness Day, I thought I’d take a look at the international consensus criteria for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, as CFS is called in other countries. Aside from sounding far more serious, I believe […]

Why You Shouldn’t Let It Go Like Elsa

I was late in jumping on the Frozen bandwagon. I didn’t see it until I got the Frozen (Two-Disc Blu-ray / DVD + Digital Copy) from Amazon. (<– I get a small commission for that if you buy.) Then I knew exactly why everyone loved it so much. It was so well done. But it […]

Our Version of the Congratulations You Got Grounded Chart – to Discourage Problem Behaviors with Points

By now, I think every parent I know online has seen the “Congratulations You Got Grounded” chart that’s been making the rounds on Facebook. Lots of us were like, “OMG that’s awesome!” Others were like, “What a terrible idea!” What I found was an opportunity to adapt it for our own use after reviewing a […]