The Dangers of Heart Disease for Women with Chronic Illnesses #GoRed

Today is Go Red Day, and I decided to spend today focused on sharing information about the symptoms of heart attacks in women, and the related danger of missing those symptoms because they mimic the daily experience for many women living with chronic illness. The American Heart Association lists the following symptoms of heart attacks […]

‘You Don’t Look Autistic’ is not a Compliment #ActuallyAutistic

“You don’t LOOK Autistic” is not a compliment. If you just found out that I have Asperger’s, you may think that telling me I don’t look autistic is somehow laudable, as if I had a choice in whether or not I was born looking visibly disabled. Or maybe you think that I need to hear […]

New Year, New Me: My Relationship with Food

A lot of people make New Year’s resolutions that focus on food in one form or another. The most popular version is to eat less food with the goal of losing weight. Another popular version is to eat healthier food – grilled instead of fried, salad instead of pizza, homemade instead of packaged. For me? I’m resolving […]

What Is MTHFR and Should I Be Worried About It?

About two years ago, I went down the rabbit hole of genetic testing and discovered that I have a genetic mutation known as a homozygous MTHFR A1298C mutation. The homozygous part means that I have two copies of the mutation, one from each parent. MTHFR is the name of the gene itself, although when people say “I […]

Open Letter to the Guy in 3C on My Southwest Flight

I have chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, neuropathy, Asperger’s Syndrome, and an anxiety disorder. I had to run 10 gates in the Tampa Airport to get from my first plane, which was late because of the Southwest computer failure, to my connecting flight to Albany that was scheduled to depart 15 minutes after my first plane […]

Chronic Illness Triage, aka Sometimes Chocolate Cake IS the Best Remedy

Sometimes, we end up getting drawn into conversations online that deserve more than fleeting visibility. A few days ago, I found myself on /r/ChronicPain in a now-deleted thread that started as a rant from another spoonie who was vehemently disgusted with some of her fellow spoonies who aren’t adequately taking care of themselves, in her […]

The Joy of Having a Capsule Endoscopy

Since January 2014, I’ve been through a series of unpleasant procedures meant to determine the cause of my intermittent abdominal pain. My initial assessment had been something to do with my reproductive organs, but it’s revealed itself to be gastrointestinal in origin. The problem is that I still don’t know what the actual cause is, […]

The Opposite of Anger Management?

After a recent Facebook conversation with Robyn Wright about our respective therapy goals, I got to thinking about how I’ve been struggling with something my psychiatrist has been telling me I need to work on for quite some time: expressing my anger. There is a healthy way to express anger, and a lot of people […]

Setting More Realistic Goals For My Health

For the last two years, I’ve been waiting to get back to feeling “normal” again. Granted, my version of “normal” before May 7, 2013 was still at about 50% capacity of healthy folks’ version of “normal,” but it was still a very manageable lifestyle for me. My job was an at-home desk job. (Thankfully, it […]

An Open Letter to My Commenter Who Had a Lot of Anger to Project

I’m not really sure who remembers that I was on Anderson Cooper’s show in March 2013 for a segment about moms who take anxiety medication. There was a clear bias in the way the subject was handled, but I wrote a companion piece to further explore what I talked about on the show, a post […]