Building Your Instagram Following – Type-A Conference East 2016

Julie Deily is here to talk to us about Instagram and how to get more followers the legit way. She was laid off from her job a few years ago and took that as her opportunity to throw herself into blogging.

Building Your Instagram Following

Create a Plan and Set Goals

  • Know why you’re posting. (to gain more followers? bring them to your blog? sell a product?)
  • Know who you are and what your brand is.
  • Decide what you’ll post, how many times you’ll post each day, etc. Experiment and change as needed.
  • Batch process. (Aim for 1080 x 1080 pixels.)
  • Schedule replying and commenting time.
  • Set specific goals, action plan, and deadlines.

Your Username and Bio

  • Your username should be easy to remember. No numbers!
  • Try to pick a name that is the same as your other social media accounts.
  • You can change

Share Content (Consistently)

  • Take pictures on your phone and your DSLR
  • Post every day on Instagram
  • Ask questions and engage; call to action
  • Share a story; long captions are fine
  • Know your platform; share your best photos. Don’t post 15 times a day all within 15 minutes.
  • Share IG stories; IG is not SnapChat.
  • Use hashtags and create your own
  • Reuse your own content

Build a community

  • Social media is not a billboard
  • Be intentional
  • Comment and like others’ photos, even if you don’t follow them or they don’t follow you
  • Comment pods (the more likes and comments you get within the first few minutes of posting, the more exposure you’ll get – sort of like a catch-22 – so some people use IG direct messaging to let others know you posted something; comments need to be 4+ words long)
  • Look into Admirers in CrowdFire
  • Reply to questions and comments
  • Interact on hashtags that you care about
  • Don’t spam


  • Share a photo using this hashtag
  • Like and comment on at least 5 photos using that hashtag

Use Tools to Automate & Analyze

  • Iconosquare (lists, comments, analytics)
  • Canva
  • Photo editing apps (snapseed, pictapgo, a color story)
  • Dropbox

Other Stuff

  • Turn on 2-step authentication
  • Business vs Personal Account – we’re all pretty wary; we want the analytics, but we’re worried about the algorithm and if they’re going to be like Facebook where you have to pay to get seen
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