Bounce Bursts Actually Manages to Make My Stinky Laundry Smell Good (Review)

When I was first offered a chance to participate in a sponsored post campaign to try out Bounce Bursts, it seemed like a pretty good fit. I think I was already dealing with a washing machine full of laundry I’d forgotten to toss in the dryer, so I had to re-wash it with some white vinegar tossed in to get rid of the mildew smell. So I told them to sign me up!

Life happened, and my dad died in between applying and receiving my product sample. So my review is a bit later than it was intended to be, but better late than never!

Bounce Bursts Laundry Scent Booster Review

I ended up giving Bounce Bursts a real trial by fire: several loads of laundry that survived the oppressive Orlando heat during our time at Family Forward. Let me tell you – these clothes were sweaty, stinky, and generally gross. The instructions on the bottle say to “shake a little or a lot into the cap.” I have Asperger’s, and things like “a little” and “a lot” are insufficient guidance for me. But in the interest of frugality, I decided to literally shake just a few into the cap, enough to cover the bottom of it, before tossing it into the washer. If I could get away with that amount, the bottle would last much longer. Alas, the laundry smelled no different than ever. My washing machine does claim to be “extra-large capacity,” so this may have something to do with it.

Bounce Bursts

For the second load I washed, I noticed that there were actually lines on the inside of the cap, and I filled it to the first line. Again, this seemed insufficient to make my laundry smell any better than usual. A word of caution: make sure the little beads go directly into the water before you add your clothes. My eyes may be playing tricks on me, but I’d forgotten to add them until the washer was filled with clothes this time, and I think I noticed some faint little spots of orange on a pair of my capris.

The third time was a charm! I filled the cap to the second line, dumped the beads into the wash water before adding the clothes, and I could smell the difference before I even opened the washing machine to transfer everything into the dryer!

I’ve just finished a fourth load that also smells pretty amazing right now. (I do laundry very fitfully. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome had me floored for two weeks after our trip!)

What I really can’t wait for is to try Bounce Bursts with my towels. Making them smell good again will be quite a miracle!

I was compensated by Bounce for my review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Jennifer Simpson says

    I found after using quiet a bit that it started to clog my washer hose and cause it not to drain. What a pain in the butt. It’s bad enough you need a generous amount to smell it. It says it can be used for HE washers side load, but don’t think they really tested this well. I don’t recommend for front loading washers. At all.

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