How to Become the Best in the World at One Thing – Type-A Con East 2016

We’re here with Bolaji Oyejide, who is walking the room asking us what we do while playing Taylor Swift in the background – music videos on the video screens.

Become the Best in the World at One Thing

If you’re really that different, why aren’t you recognized for what you do?

Lots of people have won American Idol, but Carrie Underwood was the show’s biggest success. Her net worth is $45 million. Simon Cowell, however, is $550 million.

We all want to be the chosen one, but being the chooser is better.

The founder of Spanx had to make her own solution when she couldn’t find the right hosiery to fit under her white pants when she worked for Disney. She solved a very specific problem and created the one great solution. It’s a billion dollar business, and she is the youngest self-made billionaire.

It’s going to be really hard to be the best food blogger or the best fitness blogger, because those are already taken. Go more niche.

Make yourself the chooser.

What’s your why?

We can get so wrapped up in the day to day business that we lose sight of the purpose. You may be blogging so you can spend more time with your kids, but you end up working so hard that you’re actually spending less time with your kids.

People are sharing their “why I blog” stories, but I feel they are personal, and I’m not going to share other people’s stories here right now.

From chosen to chooser

Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world, but he has never run a full mile before. He’s the best sprinter, but not a long-distance runner.

What’s your one thing?

We’re having some disagreements about the best hot sauce in the world. I say it’s Frank’s Red Hot, but loads of people love Sriracha. Srirache was created by David Tran, who began making chili in Vietnam in 1975. He was a refugee, and the US was the only one who took him in.

Be the best in the world at something that matters.

…to your ideal client. Then write a book about it. Solve your ideal client’s urgent problem. Spend the rest of your life solving that problem better than anyone else.

But why write a book?

It presents the best of your ideas to the world. It establishes you as authority. It replaces the business card. It demonstrates your value. It separates you from the heard. It attracts your ideal problem.

What kind of book?

One problem, one solution. Written for one client. Solves a real problem. Demonstrates your unique value. Filters out undesirable clients. Provides the opportunity for readers to engage with you further.

The FLAG Method

He helps credible experts like you (yeah, you!) become recognized as the best in the world so you can create world-class results for your ideal client.

  • I do [problem you solve]
  • For [ideal client]
  • So that [result]

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