No one told you you’re only a little guy

I tried putting you down for a nap around 9:45 this morning and tried lying down to take a nap of my own. You fussed for a little while, played for a little while, and then you just cried and cried until you made yourself cough. So I got up to go check on you… […]

Happy 7 months, buddy!

My little man is getting so big! You may still be small, but you think you’re much bigger. You’re crawling at a startling pace across the floor already, after just learning to do it not that long ago. Oddly enough, you seem to zero in on things like your baby wipes and diaper rash cream […]


Grandma Kitty came over to spend some time with you before she flies out to Michigan tomorrow. She was talking to you about your mama, and you said, clear as day, “MAMA!” I don’t think you said it with any meaning behind it, but you said it! MAMA. Made my day. Tags: babies, first words, mama, […]

You are way. too. young. for this.

We were at Grandma Debbie’s house for Sunday dinner. You were entertaining everyone.  Everyone was impressed as you crawled across the floor the way you did last night. You really moved. You did not just inch along like you did a few nights ago. You scooted several feet to get your hands on a tube […]

Rolling: Not the only game in town anymore

I was sitting here at my computer last night doing some work when Daddy said, “Crawling!” You don’t get up on his hands and knees like the traditional picture of crawling, but you did hitch yourself along the floor for about a foot by pulling yourself along with your hands. Of course, then you laid there […]

Your 6 month appointment

Grandma Kitty went with me to your appointment this morning. You hadn’t slept very well at all yesterday, but you slept from 9:30 last night to 6:40 this morning. Then I had to wake you up around 8:15 to go to your appointment. You’re now 15 pounds 8 ounces, which is the 20th percentile. You are 27 […]

Happy 6 months, little man!

I can’t believe how big you’re getting, even if your friend Gavin weighs as much as you do and he’s four months younger. You’ve got your two bottom front teeth. You’re eating two jars of baby food every day, plus cereal. You can roll over in both directions like a pro; you fall asleep in […]

My big flip-flopper!

When I went upstairs to get you when you woke up from your nap around 2:00, I walked in to find you grasping at the top of the bumper pad, grappling with it in an attempt to use it to flip over onto your tummy. You got frustrated after a few minutes since the arm holding […]

Dipey Sense tingling?

You have a sixth sense. If you have to poop, you wait until I’ve just changed you into a clean diaper. Just. Once or twice could pass as coincidence, but this happens all the time! Although this time, perhaps it was best the diaper started out clean. I may have had to change your whole outfit if […]

A letter to my fellow diners

Dear table full of old people, If you choose to eat at a restaurant which provides not only kids menus and high chairs but also infant seat holders, that means that the restaurant is accommodating – if not encouraging – parents with young children to eat there as well. Children do occasionally make noises. My […]

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