Happy 10 months, TJ!

You’re growing up so fast. You regularly let go of things and stand on your own for up to 30 seconds at a time. We always have an eye on you, wondering if this is the time you’re going to take that first step. You have 8 teeth and it seems like you may get […]

Easing a Worried Mommy Mind

There are so many things for moms to worry about these days. From SIDS to falls to car accidents, it’s enough to make you crazy. But there are some things you can do to protect your children and ease your mind. A baby monitor is one of the things many moms will ask for on […]

Unpopular Baby Decisions: Formula Feeding

This guide is the second in a series on unpopular decisions we parents make about our babies. Formula feeding is something that is a choice for some parents, a necessity for others. But regardless of why they started doing it, most formula feeding parents will encounter critics who look down on anyone who does not […]

The Stair Master

You learned how to climb the stairs today! You climbed all the way to the top all by yourself… although I was two steps behind the whole time. Tags: babies, climbing, developmental, stairs

Mama means Mama

Uncle Don stopped by for a little while tonight.  You freaked out a little bit when he tried to play with you, now that your stranger anxiety and separation anxiety have taken hold.  Daddy tried to console you, but you screamed, “Mamamaaaa!” while looking at me and reaching out your arms. Once I had you […]

Unpopular Baby Decisions: Tummy Sleeping

This guide is the first in a series on unpopular decisions we parents make about our babies. Tummy sleeping is generally frowned upon by most pediatricians, other parents, and anyone who watches the news. We all know the latest SIDS research warns against letting your baby sleep in any position except on his back. I […]

Your 9 month doctor’s appointment

You enjoyed looking at the fish in the waiting room, but we got called in after only a minute or two. You didn’t appreciate me undressing you in the exam room. You’re not very thrilled at all lately when it comes time for diaper changes anymore. You has places to go and things to do, so why stay […]

Guilty Mommy Pleasures: The Wheel of Time

My husband Tom and I set aside time to read every night before going to bed. Sometimes it’s an hour, sometimes it’s only 15 minutes. But no matter how long it is, it’s always a good way to wind down after a long day. While magazines may be easier to read because they’re broken down […]

Happy 9 months, little man!

It’s been 9 months, TJ. You’ve been outside in this world for as long as you were in my belly now. You sit, you crawl, you can stand without holding onto anything for seconds at a time. You have five teeth and a shy sixth tooth that seems to be taking its time breaking through. […]

Happy 8 months!

TJ, I can’t believe you’re eight months old. You’re eating Stage 3 foods. You love your Gerber Puffs, which have helped you get really good at chewing with your four teeth. You can even feed them to yourself. You’ve tried canned pears, Cheerios, canned peaches, biter biscuits, zwieback toast, and a french fry. You’d been […]

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