How to Fiercely Guard Your Digital Property Line

The full title of Jamie Lieberman’s session is Get Off My Internet Lawn! How to Fiercely Guard Your Digital Property Line. But since Google doesn’t like long post titles, I couldn’t fit that as my post title. “I’m a lawyer… Don’t leave!” Intellectual Property: Copyrights & Trademarks Intellectual property is one of the things Jamie gets […]

SEO, Monetization, and Live Site Reviews

Adam Riemer apologizes if he rambles in this session because he’s still on Croatian time. We’re going to be going over five sites based on who dropped off their business cards for consideration for review. I’m not going to “out” any of the blogs being reviewed, but I’ll share some of the advice he has […]

Using Pinterest as a Sales Funnel

Social media productivity coach Penney Fox explains that she’s here to teach us how to be more effective with our time online, not to teach us how to make a post or any of that. She’s also a sci-fi nerd, which is cool with me. Pinterest is not a social media site. It’s a visual […]

What to Wear to the Type-A Parent Conference (2017 Edition)

Every time another blogging conference comes around, there’s a rush of messages from bloggers who are new to the conference circuit who want to know what to wear to the conference. Now, if you’re going to the Type-A Parent conference in Alexandria, Virginia next week, let me assure you that it’s very come-as-you-are. You don’t […]

You’re Either Autistic or You’re Not

No, everyone is not “a little autistic.” My brain literally processes input differently than yours does. All input. Verbal, sensory, emotional, social….everything. You may understand some of the symptoms I experience that are related to my autism, but you can never understand what it’s like to have an autistic brain. And that’s okay, because I’ll […]

Traveling While Disabled: Invisible Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination comes in many forms, including the backward sort of discrimination which involves assorted community gatekeepers deciding you’re not disabled enough to receive appropriate accommodations. I read this piece about travelers who are more severely mobility impaired than I am who have had to fight with airlines for replacement of their damaged mobility devices and […]

Grandma’s Heart Attack & Strokes…and American Heart Month

Everything changed on Friday, February 17, 2017. Tom and I were sleeping in, only to be awakened by the doorbell, where one of my brothers stood to offer to drive me to the hospital to see Grandma because I hadn’t been answering my text messages. One of my uncles had made his daily morning phone […]

Stories Told? Dreams on Hold.

I have some stories that need to be told But life comes along to put my dreams on hold I know my fellow writers see this rhyme scheme as lazy But it’s all I can think of – isn’t that crazy? It helps if you imagine this being read by Lin-Manuel Though I’m neither poet […]

6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Slightly Broken Women

This year, I decided to break my 2016 holiday gift guide into two parts: kids and adults. The adults are going first, because sometimes mama’s gotta take care of herself. Here are some gift ideas for my fellow slightly broken women to give each other or to give as hints to those who will be […]

Safety Pins and Entry Level Allyship

As a white woman with autism and mental illness, the overt and covert discrimination I face as a disabled person is much different than that of other marginalized groups. I acknowledge that. I’ve been trying to step up my personal game as an ally for POC and the LGBTQ community over the course of a […]

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