8 Valentine’s Gifts That Your Husband Won’t Hate

This is a guest post written by my husband Tom. I think the fact that he wrote this for me may just be my Valentine’s Day gift!

Another year, another Valentine’s Day. It’s the one day in a relationship that all girls look forward to, and all guys dread. Am I right, guys? Our ladies expect roses, chocolates, and heartfelt cards but what do we get? If your lady is anything like mine, she’s looking to get you something that does not suck. Drop some hints early and maybe you’ll get something like one of these:

Grilled Steak

  1. A home-cooked dinner. There’s nothing quite like having your favorite meal cooked from the heart. Bonus points for me if it’s steak.
  2. A gift card to your favorite restaurant. If you can’t have a home-cooked meal, have the next best thing. Plus, with a gift card, you can avoid the Valentine’s Day crowds.
  3. A copy of your favorite movie and a promise to watch it with you. Cuddle up on the couch and watch Godzilla or Die Hard together. You probably got her some ridiculous Rom-Com, so this’ll balance that out.
  4. A multiplayer game that you both can play. This could anything between some World of Warcraft game time to a copy of GoldenEye. It won’t matter as long as you both enjoy playing it.
  5. Sports memorabilia. Make sure she knows your favorite team (Go Niners!) or your favorite player. [Note from Christina: I got the hint on Super Bowl Sunday that you really want another 49ers hat.]
  6. Tickets to the big game. Which ever big game you care about, as long as your team is in it. Hint: The closer your seats are to the action, the more she cares about you. [As household finances allow.]
  7. Creative “coupons.” Redeem for a day off from house-cleaning, or a full-body massage, or anything else she can think of that doesn’t normally happen. [I think he just accused me of never doing housework. Not that he would be wrong…]
  8. Sexy lingerie. Do I need anything else here? It would be the gift that keeps on giving.

Thank you, honey, for providing some insight as to what men actually want for Valentine’s Day, instead of what we wives just think you want.

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