5 Moms for #followfriday

There’s a hashtag meme on Twitter called #followfriday. Every Friday, people tweet about the names of people they recommend that other people follow. I follow a lot of people, and it’s really hard to choose who to suggest each Friday. It’s hard to keep track of who I’ve already recommended, too! So this week, I’m starting a #followfriday post to provide a few more details about those I’ve chosen!

This week: 5 Moms

  1. @AnissaMayhew – Her blog is Hope4Peyton, and it is a mommy blog about living with childhood cancer. I don’t know how she stays so strong and with such a great sense of humor.
  2. @secretagentmama – Her blog is Secret Agent Mama. She is an amazing photographer, and she tempted me yesterday with pictures of brownies.
  3. @PainterMommy – Her blog is Painter Mommy. She is a very talented artist who happens to offer a lot of giveaways. Oh yeah, and she co-hosted the #twittercruise party last night!
  4. @ResourcefulMom – Her blog is Resourceful Mommy. She created Twitter Site Warming Parties! Quite honestly, if you’re reading my blog and you don’t already follow her, I’m quite puzzled.
  5. @FeelsLikeHome – Her blog is Feels Like Home. Her blog offers a lot of great recipes, and she is always friendly and fun to talk to on Twitter!

Do you have 5 moms you’d like to nudge today for #followfriday? Leave a comment with your 5 Moms blog post link!

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  1. What a good idea!!

  2. Awe! I am honored that you would include me in your list! That Twitter Cruise party sure was fun! Thanks for being a part of it!


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