Prove Your Value #TypeANYC

Our closing keynote speakers are Debbie Bookstaber of Element Associates and Ciaran Blumenfeld of Hashtracking. Both speakers know things from the blogger side and the business side. Prove Your Value Showing brands your ROI can be difficult. How can you demonstrate your value? What’s the Goal? We’re often excited to work with a brand that we lose […]

Power of Parents #TypeANYC

Today’s 1:30 session features the Parenting Bytes podcast crew (Rebecca Levey, Andrea Smith, Amy Oztan, Nancy Friedman, Lance Somerfield) They are recording their podcast live with us today. 55% of active daily social media moms have made a purchase based on a blog post review. But in a general Facebook poll, they found that the […]

Blogger-Brand Relations: Not a One-Night Stand #TypeANYC

For our 11:00 session, we’ll be hearing from Melanie Feehan, Ellen Gerstein of Save the Children, and Kristin Hylek of McDonald’s. This is a big deal for me, as I would prefer to form long term brand relationships than have only short term one-off sponsored posts or reviews. (I do have lengthy relationships with my regional McDonald’s […]

Blogger Outreach by Generation #TypeANYC

For our 10:00 session, we’re hearing  from Amanda Henson of Feedblitz and Type-A Parent, Kelly Whalen of Centsible Life and Anne Paris of Midlife Boulevard – moderated by David Griner of Adweek. Blogger Outreach by Generation Many of us have been in the blogging community for a long time. Lots of hands for 5+ years of blogging. Many fewer […]

Building a Fiercely Loyal Community with Victoria Taylor #TypeANYC

Our opening keynote speaker at Type-A Bootcamp in NYC is Victoria Taylor, aka chooter on reddit and @happysquid on Twitter. I’m here as a 2015 Type-A Conference Ambassador (disclosure: my conference pass was free, but I’m paying for my own transportation and lodging) and as a liveblogger. Victoria was instrumental in communicating between reddit moderators […]

Chronic Illness Triage, aka Sometimes Chocolate Cake IS the Best Remedy

Chocolate Cake from Morguefile

Sometimes, we end up getting drawn into conversations online that deserve more than fleeting visibility. A few days ago, I found myself on /r/ChronicPain in a now-deleted thread that started as a rant from another spoonie who was vehemently disgusted with some of her fellow spoonies who aren’t adequately taking care of themselves, in her […]

How to Take Advantage of’s Free Record Collection Promos

How to Take Advantage of's Free Record Collection Promos

Every so often, will run special promotions where they offer free access to select historical record collections. At the time of this writing, they are currently running the promo for record collections from the Original 13 Colonies for Independence Day weekend, but the advice below will serve as well for any other free access […]

Quiet on My Blog, But Not in My Head

Woman Listening to Headphones, credit Death to Stock Photos

It’s been a rough month or so. May 30 was the first time we had to recognize my dad’s birthday without him. A week and a day later, we remembered him on the first anniversary of his death. I have been in a perpetual state of depression for so long. I thought I might start […]

The Joy of Having a Capsule Endoscopy


Since January 2014, I’ve been through a series of unpleasant procedures meant to determine the cause of my intermittent abdominal pain. My initial assessment had been something to do with my reproductive organs, but it’s revealed itself to be gastrointestinal in origin. The problem is that I still don’t know what the actual cause is, […]

Celebrate National Egg Day with Egg McMuffins from McDonald’s on June 3 (Giveaway)

Egg McMuffin

I have a working relationship with McDonald’s of the Capital District. I had to miss one of their recent events introducing some of their new sirloin burgers because of health issues, and they were nice enough to send me a gift pack in the mail so that I could try the burgers on my own. Now, […]